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Last updated May 30, 2023

9 kontakt/sfz libraries: Dark designs CAGE & Ambient Swells & Dark designs TTF Horror & White Bell & GuitarScaped & GuitarScaped 2 & GuitarScaped 3 & Ambiloop Live & Guitar DI + 3 midi libraries: Maschine MDP & Maschine MDP 2 & Midi Song Starters v1.2

Kontakt 5
565 patches (+47 multis)
552 patches
About 8.36 Gb
Maschine MDP 1&2
8240 midi files (for drums)
Midi Song Starters
over 350 MIDI BPM and key-labeled files
+ All free libraries
3.55 Gb zipped
Decent Sampler
1 library w 4 patches in 44.1KHz and same in 96KHz
+ (free) Ambient Guitar Clouds
146 wav loops (1,86 Gb) and 44 Portatron presets (627 Mb)


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Complete Bundle

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